Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 / Nivel 2

Posted on 27th January 2013 in Spanish Product Reviews
Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 / Nivel 2

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 / Nivel 2

By Russell Sabo

If you’ve completed Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 or if you’ve studied either independently or in a class and now have a good background of pronouns and past tenses (preterit and imperfect), you’re now ready to begin Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 2/Level 2. Having completed it myself, I was surprised at how much Spanish-learning was packed into this course, especially with learning the subjunctive mood.

Generally, I prefer to learn from books, but I discovered that in learning a new language, books alone weren’t going to suffice. So I went out and bought levels 1 and 2 of Learning Spanish Like Crazy. After completing Level 1 I found my abilities in listening and speaking Spanish had improved quite a bit, enough that I could hold a small conversation with someone in Spanish for a bit, or to ask for information. If I was watching Univision on the television, I was able to figure out what the news was about or who was betraying whom on the telenovelas.

Then I made the move to Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2. Where you start out in Level 1 building a foundation by learning the basics and a decent amount of vocabulary, Level 2 takes that foundation and builds a house on top of it. What does that mean? It means that there’s a LOT of information in Level 2.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 starts out exactly where Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 left off with the pronouns, but it begins with one of the simplest ways to express the future: using ‘ir a + infinite’. For example: Voy a correr más luego hoy. – I’m going to run later today. From there you move on to comparisons, the conditional tense, commands, the future tense, words like ‘me gusta’, and then the subjunctive mood.

There are 10 lessons on the subjunctive mood, which some people might think is a bit excessive. It’s not. If you want to be able to speak Spanish fluently, you’re going to have to learn how to use the subjunctive mood and know when to use it. Level 2 does a very good job at both tasks. The 10 lessons deal mainly with the present subjunctive mood; however, you’ll hear the imperfect subjunctive mood used a bit in the lessons about the conditional tense.

As in the first level, the instructors speak clearly, but quickly, forcing your ears to adapt in order to pick out what’s being said. Since this is a conversational Spanish course, this is exactly what you want. By the end of the lesson, it’s easier to understand what they’re saying. And if you still don’t understand, there’s no shame in repeating the lesson. Most students of this course repeat some or all of the lessons to make sure they understand everything.

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Just as in Level 1, the majority of the lessons in Level 2 are about 30 minutes in length. Lesson 33 is the longest lesson at 40 minutes and 9 seconds, but it’s split up into 2 tracks (33a and 33b). And Lesson 56 is the shortest track at 20 minutes and 27 seconds. By the way, the lessons are numbered 31 – 60, making it easy to continue straight through if you’ve just finished Level 1.

Each lesson has it’s challenges, but they’re not overwhelming, and in time, they become easier. The lessons don’t teach you one part of grammar and then say, “That’s it! It’s time for something else.” Instead they teach you one thing and then move on to something else AND implement everything you’ve learned as a whole. In fact, if you’ve gone through Level 1, Level 2 continues to remind you of the lessons that you learned in that course while moving ahead with the new material. This prevents forgetting something that you learned previously, something that happens to me often when studying from a book.

That being said, there were no boring parts in this course for me, unlike the first few lessons in Level 1. I had thought that maybe the Conditional Tense would be too easy because of how it’s conjugated (just add “-ía” to the infinitive) but the lessons were able to stump me more than a couple of times with longer sentence structures. You will notice a flow of difficulty as you go from easy to moderately difficult and back to easy once again. Nothing here is very difficult; it’s just easy to trip on a word or two or go brain-dead while trying to remember how to say something de vez en cuando (every once in a while).

The Lessons

  • Lesson 31. Using “ir a + infinitive” to speak of the future
  • Lesson 32. Comparisons, Names of parts of the body
  • Lesson 33a. Comparisons, Names of farm animals
  • Lesson 33b. Comparisons
  • Lesson 34. Comparisons, Names of tools
  • Lesson 35. Comparisons, The Conditional Tense
  • Lesson 36. Conditional Tense
  • Lesson 37. Conditional Tense
  • Lesson 38. The Conditional Perfect
  • Lesson 39. The Conditional Perfect
  • Lesson 40. Commands
  • Lesson 41. Review of Direct Pronouns, Commands with Direct Pronouns
  • Lesson 42. Commands with Direct Pronouns
  • Lesson 43. Plural Commands
  • Lesson 44. The Future Tense (regular verbs)
  • Lesson 45. The Future Tense (irregular verbs)
  • Lesson 46. Para que, hay que + infinitive
  • Lesson 47. Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Lesson 48. Demonstrative Pronouns, Verbs similar to “Gustar”
  • Lesson 49. Verbs similar to “Gustar”
  • Lesson 50. Verbs similar to “Gustar”
  • Lesson 51. Subjunctive Mood (desire or preference)
  • Lesson 52. Subjunctive Mood (desire or preference)
  • Lesson 53. Subjunctive Mood (continuation…)
  • Lesson 54. Subjunctive Mood (continuation…)
  • Lesson 55. Subjunctive Mood (using “es mejor que” and “es necesario que”
  • Lesson 56. Substituting the infinitive with the subjunctive
  • Lesson 57. Substituting the infinitive with the subjunctive
  • Lesson 58. Subjunctive Mood (time)
  • Lesson 59. Subjunctive Mood (time)
  • Lesson 60. Subjunctive Mood (expressing possibility)

Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Nivel 2 also has bonuses for purchasing their product. Here is a list of the bonus lessons:


  • Section A
  • A. Imperfect Tense (includes progressive tense)
  • B. Present Perfect Tense (AR verbs with singular pronouns)
  • C. Present Perfect Tense, Wild animals (AR verbs with plural pronouns)
  • D. Present Perfect Tense (ER/IR Verbs – singular and plural pronouns)
  • E. Present Perfect Tense (irregular verbs)
  • F. Pluperfect Tense (AR verbs)
  • G. Pluperfect Tense (ER/IR and irregular verbs)
  • H. Pluperfect Tense
  • I. Passive Voice
  • J. Estilo Indirecto
  • Section B
  • Spanish Slang, Colloquial Spanish

Should You Purchase Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Nivel 2?

As a Level 2 Spanish Course, this blows everything away that I’ve seen with so much information to take in without being overwhelming. I’ve at least doubled or tripled my abilities to speak Spanish since completing this course just by going through it once. I will be going through it at least one more time to adapt my ears to all the new vocabulary and conjugation forms. As far as my comprehension of all the new material, it’s all there and it sticks. The only reason for me going through the material a second time is to increase my listening skills and to get my mouth to say the words correctly in a shorter amount of time.

Should you buy it? All I can say is: God, yes! If you look at the lessons above and you think you’re ready for them, this is definitely the program for you. This program will take you to the next level in conversational Spanish. After completing this program, you still won’t be able to watch your favorite Spanish soap operas and understand everything that they’re saying, but you will be able to understand what they’re talking about just from the words that you’re able to pick out. And yes, you will be able to pick out the words that they’re saying; no more hearing a long line of machine gun-like nonsense. The language at this level becomes much more clear.

And make sure you visit the LSLC forums. This is a community of very friendly and helpful people who are more than happy to help you with any of the questions you may have. After all, any questions they answer help to reinforce everything that they’ve learned also. And don’t worry about receiving a wrong answer from a member; there’s somebody there that will correct it and be able to explain why. And the list of other Spanish-learning resources that the members provide is invaluable to the Spanish-learning process.


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