Present Tense Irregular Verbs – O to UE

Posted on 6th July 2012 in Conjugation

Present Tense Irregular Verbs – O to UE

By Russell Sabo

The second form of stem-changing irregular verbs in the present tense are the O to UE verbs. The stem changes occur in all the irregular verb forms except for the nosotros and vosotros forms. It is important for you to know that the stem changes will always occur with the last vowel of the verb stem (what’s left after removing the AR/ER/IR ending).

O to UE Irregular Verbs Examples

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Almorzar – To eat lunch Yo almuerzo Tú almuerzas Usted, él, ella almuerza Nosotros/as almorzamos Vosotros/as almorzáis Ustedes, ellos, ellas almuerzan
Resolver – To solve Yo resuelvo Tú resuelves Usted, él, ella resuelva Nosotros/as resolvemos Vosotros/as resolvéis Ustedes, ellos, ellas resuelven
Morir – To die Yo muero Tú mueres Usted, él, ella muere Nosotros/as morimos Vosotros/as morís Ustedes, ellos, ellas mueren

U to UE Irregular Verbs

While we’re studying O to UE irregular verbs, there is also a single verb in the Spanish language that uses the U to UE stem change. “Jugar” which means “to play.”

Jugar – To play Yo juego Tú juegas Usted, él, ellas juega Nosotros/as jugamos Vosotros/as jugáis Ustedes, ellos, ellas juegan

List of O to UE Irregular Verb Examples

  • acordar – to remember, to agree upon
  • acostar – to lie down
  • almorzar – to eat lunch
  • apostar – to wager, to bet
  • aprobar – to approve
  • avergonzar – to be ashamed, to embarrass oneself
  • cocer – to cook
  • colgar – to hang up (the phone), to hang
  • conmover – to affect
  • consolar – to console
  • contar – to count
  • costar – to cost
  • demoler – to demolish
  • demostrar – to demonstrate
  • desabrobar – to disapprove
  • descontar – to discount
  • devolver – to return (something)
  • disolver – to dissolve
  • doler – to hurt, to have pain
  • dormir – to sleep
  • encontrar – to find, to encounter, to meet
  • envolver – to wrap, to cover
  • forzar – to force
  • llover – to rain
  • moler – to grind
  • morder – to bite
  • morir – to die
  • mostrar – to show
  • mover – to move
  • oler – to smell
  • probar – to taste, to test, to prove
  • promover – to promote
  • recordar – to remember
  • remover – to remove
  • resolver – to resolve
  • revolcar – to revolt
  • revolver – to return
  • rodar – to roll
  • rogar – to plead, to pray, to request
  • sonar – to ring, to sound
  • soñar – to dream
  • torcer – to twist
  • tostar – to toast
  • tronar – to thunder
  • volar – to fly
  • volcar – to overturn, to capsize
  • volver – to go back, to return


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Click here to learn more about the Present Tense – Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 Nivel 1

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