Present Tense Irregular Verbs – E to IE

Posted on 6th July 2012 in Conjugation

Present Tense Irregular Verbs – E to IE

By Russell Sabo

At first, learning the Spanish irregular verbs in the present tense can seem a daunting task. With some words there seems to be a pattern, and with others, one can only rely on memorizing their different forms. However, learning the irregular verbs is necessary because many of the most used verbs in the Spanish language are irregular verbs. This is actually a good thing because the more you use them, the sooner they become ingrained in your head.

Irregular verbs, also called stem-changing verbs, are verbs that, when conjugated, receive a change in the verb stem. If you remember, a verb stem is what remains after you remove the AR/ER/IR ending from the verb.

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Irregular Verbs with the E to IE Stem Change

The first irregular form we’ll look at is the E to IE form. The E to IE stem change can occur in verbs with the AR/ER/IR endings. The stem changes occur in all the verb forms except for the nosotros and vosotros forms. Also, the stem change occurs with the last vowel of the verb stem (what’s left after removing the AR/ER/IR ending.

Pensar – To think Yo pienso Tú piensas Usted, él, ella piensa Nosotros/as pensamos Vosotros/as pensáis Ustedes, ellos, ellas piensan
Defender – To defend Yo defiendo Tú defiendes Usted, él, ella defiende Nosotros/as defendemos Vosotros/as defendéis Ustedes, ellos, ellas defienden
Advertir – To warn Yo advierto Tú adviertes Usted, él, ella advierte Nosotros/as advertimos Vosotros/as advertís Ustedes, ellos, ellas advierten

List of E to IE Stem Changing Verbs

  • abstener – to abstain, to refrain from
  • acertar – to be correct, to be on target
  • adherir – to adhere, to stick
  • adquirir – to adquire, to obtain
  • advertir – to warn, to advise, to give notice
  • arrepentir – to regret
  • ascender – to promote, to ascend
  • asentir – to assent, to nod
  • atender – to pay attention, to attend to
  • atravesar – to cross, to go through
  • calentar – to heat up
  • cerrar – to close, to shut
  • comenzar – to start, to begin, to commence
  • confesar – to confess
  • consentir – to consent
  • contener – to contain
  • convertir – to change, to convert
  • defender – to defend
  • descender – to descend
  • despertar – to wake up
  • detener – to detain
  • digerir – to digest
  • divertirse – to have a good time, to have fun
  • empezar – to start, to begin
  • encender – to turn on, to burn, to light
  • encerrar – to enclose, to confine, to shut in
  • entender – to understand
  • enterrar – to bury, to inter
  • entretener – to entertain
  • entrevenir – to intervene
  • fregar – to scrub, to rub, to wash
  • gobernar – to govern
  • helar – to freeze
  • herir – to injure, to wound
  • hervir – to boil
  • intervenir – to intervene
  • invertir – to invest
  • malherir – to mortally wound, to injure fatally
  • mantener – to maintain
  • mentir – to lie, to tell an untruth
  • merendar – to have a snack
  • negar – to deny, to negate
  • nevar – to snow
  • obtener – to obtain, to get
  • ofender – to offend
  • pensar – to think
  • perder – to lose
  • preferir – to prefer
  • querer – to want, to love
  • recomendar – to recommend
  • referir – to refer
  • regar – to water
  • retener – to retain, to hold back
  • sentar – to sit
  • sentir – to feel
  • sostener – to sustain
  • sugerir – to suggest
  • temblar – to tremble, to shake
  • tener – to have
  • transferir – to transfer
  • tropezar – to trip, to stumble
  • venir – to come


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