About Us

About Us

Russell in Cartagena, Colombia

Hello! My name is Russell Sabo, the owner and webmaster at rlcolearnspanish.com. RLCO Learn Spanish exists to help you to learn more about the Spanish language, to give you a better understanding of grammar rules and everyday conversations in Spanish, and to direct you to trusted resources that I use in my own language studies.

Yes, I’m a Spanish-learner too. I have to say that I love it! Thanks to the internet, I’m never at a loss for a conversation partner or a study resource. I’ve been studying Spanish independently since January of 2010. I’ve purchased many books and some audio programs during that time, and I’ve encountered many wonderful internet resources along the way.

I believe I can help you to get a better understanding of the Spanish language, either through personal articles that I write myself or through other internet resources. In a nutshell, if I believe that it will progress your (and mine) studies in Spanish, I’ll post it here and write about it.

For full transparency, I’m also an affilate marketer and any links that you click on which lead to a sales page or to Amazon.com will generate a commission for me if you buy the product via my link. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you can copy and paste the title of the product to Google or your preferred search engine and you can buy the product directly from the site in that manner.

That’s about it for me. Go ahead and browse through the site and feel free to comment on anything you like or don’t like. And best of luck to you in your Spanish studies!

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