¡Bienvenido a RLCO Learn Spanish! Welcome! You, mi amigo, are here because you want to begin to learn Spanish or because you want to improve your Spanish conversational skills that you already have. Or perhaps you want more information about Spanish Grammar and Conjugation, Vocabulary, Idioms, or Cultural Notes.

All of this and more is here!

Spanish is a very beautiful language and learning how to speak it correctly will open many doors in your life. These ‘doors’ begin to ‘magically’ appear as you progress from the mindset of a complete beginner: “I just want to learn Spanish so I can: talk with beautiful Spanish-speaking women, impress my Spanish-speaking coworkers, take the first steps to becoming a Renaissance Man/Woman…”

…to the mindset of an intermediate student: “I know enough to know what I don’t know. How am I ever going to become fluent in Spanish when there’s so much to learn, not even taking into consideration all of the regional dialects?”…

…to the mindset of the advanced student: “The world is mine.”

Learn Spanish in Medellín

The world will certainly feel like yours once you’re able to talk with others in Spanish. You will have opened up most of Central America and South America, as well as Spain, to the people of the world you can communicate with.

And communication is key. The desire to communicate with others in their own native language is the reason you’re here. This desire and the long road you walk down in order to attain it will lead to new friendships, a higher quality of living, a better appreciation of your own language, new travel opportunities and perhaps better pay at your job (or maybe a better paying job altogether!)

Learning Spanish will open up an entire new world for you to explore by allowing you to communicate with people who don’t speak English. The two keys in any communication are: ‘Reading and Writing’ and ‘Listening and Speaking.’ Here at RLCO Learn Spanish, we’ll give you the help and show you some of the best resources to use in order for you to make the best use of your time and studies.

Once again, welcome!

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